Does the preview look like the original?

WildLifeVideos.eu offers the original sequence, in the way it was originally filmed.
The preview video is a proxy of the actual video. While we do our best to represent the file accurately, it compressed with Adobe Flash, and may look slightly lighter, darker, or more (or less) pixilated than the files offered for download. They should be used to evaluate the content rather than the technical quality. It accurately shows the flow and composition of the video. You can possess uk Swiss replica rolex for sale if you intensively read the website.

How do I search for a footage?

Enter your keywords into the search box in the right corner and click ‘Search’.

What if I can’t find the video I’m looking for in any format or size?

If the shot is not too complicated, chances are you won’t have to wait long before the clip appears. Be specific so that operators know what it is you want, such as length, format, frame rate etc. as well as the concept. Choose replica panerai watches online uk in discount with practical functions for female and male watch wearers.

How do I download files?

Once you find the footage you’d like to download, click on the thumbnail and the file will open. Underneath the image we list the description available for that specific file. Click on the „Add to shopping cart“ icon. You can add as many videos as you want to your shopping cart. When you are finished, go to your shopping cart by clicking “Shopping cart” on the upper side of the page. There is a list of the chosen videos. Click on the “Pay through PayPal” icon. You will be forwarded to your PayPal account where you click on “Purchase”. After the transaction is completed, you will receive an e-mail, containing links to the purchased videos. Click on each link once to download the files.
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If you have difficulty downloading a file, please contact us for assistance.

How do I re-download a file?

One video file can not be downloaded a second time, unless there is an order placed for this. High-quality fake watches are equipped with Swiss movements. You can possess the perfect uk replica rolex from online stores.
If you have been experiencing problems downloading it, please contact us at info@wildlifevideos.eu

How many times can I download an image once I have paid?

Each video can be downloaded ONLY once per single payment. Be attentive when downloading and saving the file to your computer. Do not forward the download link to others as once they download the file it will not be available to you for download.

Is the prise is per footage or is per second?

The price is per clip regardless of its duration.

Do I get a discount for a higher amount?

Yes. The discount is formed based on the total amount. When you purchase a few videos regardless of the desired license for each clip, you will receive a discount. The discount is variable and increases with increasing the total final amount. Swiss watches online shop with various perfect super clone watches. Fast shipping. Quality guarantee.

What is the discount?

The discount is increased depending on the total final amount of requested clips and licenses. Starting at 10 percent at 200 euros and up to 30% at 600 euros. All best models of uk perfect super clone watches online can be find here.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal. Our prices are in euros.fausse sacoche de luxe

What happens if I dont' have account in PayPal?

We can accept payment only through system PayPal. Account is free and there can be done by everyone. After making your selection of videos and go to payment step will be redirected to the page of PayPal. There you can register with a valid debit or credit card and email.

What is the difference between NTSC, PAL, SD and HD?

SD – This just means Standard Definition as opposed to High Definition or HD. NTSC and PAL are SD video frame sizes.

NTSC – This is the standard for SD television monitors in North America, Japan, South Korea, and parts of South America as well. It features a frame size of 720x480 or 720x486, and a frame rate of 29.97 frames per second. The pixels are non-square, since the format was designed before the advent of the personal computer.This counterfeit watch online store has just about luxury omega fake watches you could wish for.

PAL – This is featured in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and much of Asia. For simplicity, we have lumped another standard called SECAM in with PAL – they are pretty compatible, at least as far as digital video is concerned.

PAL (SECAM) features a frame size of 720x576 pixels, and a frame rate of 25 frames per second. The pixels are also non-square, but in a different orientation than NTSC.

HD – High Definition – 1920x1080 px. The 1920x1080 is often interlaced, especially when camera generated. When a 1080 clip is generated by a computer, it is almost always non-interlaced.

Will you give my e-mail address to anyone else?

We will not share your e-mail address with other organizations for commercial purposes without your consent. For details, see our privacy policy.

What is the definition of “client” and “single project”?

The client is the business entity that you indicate will be the designated licensee. Single project is defined as the main project, production, product, service or campaign for which the clip will be used. Rights-ready footage is designed to provide wide rights so that one relojes replicas license may be all you need for a single project. With low price and high quality, the uk AAA quality fake cartier is worth having!

What is a license?

The license is permission (rights) to use the video clip. Depending on the purpose for the use of video, three kinds of different licenses - Presentation, Advertising and TV broadcasting.

What are licenses to use?

Each video clip can be purchased in some of the available licenses:
Presentation - Corporate & Non-Profit use;
Broadcast TV - Film or TV Entertainment
Advertising - promotions, all media advertising campaigns, shows;
golden goose imitation When buying a video clip in one of these licenses, you receive the right to use it only with a specific purpose.

What is the duration of the license?

The client can use the footage in that project for two years, for one project, within the selected use license. This counterfeit watch online store has just about luxury omega fake watches you could wish for.